Friday, July 4, 2014

Partners in River Safety say ‘stay safe and stay off rivers’

To ensure everyone is safe while enjoying our parks, rivers and waterways, there are still river advisories in effect for both the Bow and Elbow Rivers

“We advise that people continue to stay off of the rivers, as the water is still has poor visibility, making it dangerous for even experienced paddlers, kayakers and rafters,” said Deputy Chief Ken Uzeloc of the Calgary Fire Department (CFD).

“We do not want anyone to be harmed or to take unnecessary risks.”

Fast river flow and poor visibility

The advisories are in effect because of the many new and unknown hazards in and around the rivers which are a result of the 2013 flood. A second advisory was added by CFD a few weeks ago due to rainfall and melting snow pack which resulted in faster river flow and poor visibility. 

CFD Aquatic Rescue team members were on the river to show how difficult it is navigate the Bow with changes to the river flow caused by last year’s flood. The changed river flow now pushes boaters into the Louise Bridge pillar. 

More safety info on

For more information on river safety the Calgary Fire Department has information on safety in around our rivers and Animal & Bylaw Services has important tips for safe rafting.

CFD, Calgary Police Service (CPS) and Animal & Bylaw Services (ABS), make up Calgary’s Partners in River Safety. 

Submitted by: Bridget Cox, Calgary Fire Department

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