Saturday, September 13, 2014

Calgarians, City crews and Partners Pick up, Pitch in and Pull together to manage tree debris

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Calgarians, City crews and partner agencies we have made great progress cleaning up after the snowstorm.

Calgarians have taken our invitation to Pick Up, Pitch In and Pull Together to heart. They’re cleaning up their own yards and helping their neighbours.

September 2014 Snow Event and Tree clean-up

So far, our three landfill sites have received close to two million kilograms from more than four thousand truck loads. That doesn’t include all of the debris at our 33 drop-off locations - A big thank you to citizens who are assisting with the clean up efforts!

Currently, The City’s priority remains dealing with hazards that have an immediate public safety concern.
Crews are focusing simultaneously on two areas:
  1. Tree hazard mitigation
  2. Tree debris collection and disposal
This means that Calgarians may notice City crews out cutting and stacking debris from an immediate hazard area for future pick up. And some Calgarians may see other crews clearing debris from areas like high speed roadways, pathways and public access areas. There are many teams at work, each with a dedicated task and specialized equipment, so citizens should not be concerned if there is still work to do after a crew has passed through their neighbourhood. All necessary pruning of City trees and debris disposal will be completed.

As always, safety is a primary consideration for both crews and citizens. We urge you as you clean up your debris and that of your neighbour’s to stay safe. Ensure you wear personal protective equipment, manage what you can safely, and leave the rest for trained professionals.

Also, please allow our crews space to do their work safely. If you see crews and equipment working in your area, please consider parking off the street to allow them access to tree trimming piles and damaged public trees, and please always slow down when passing crews.

We’re making great progress together but we have a lot of work ahead.

Thank you Calgarians for your great cooperation, efforts and patience as we get the clean-up done.


  1. We live at 2932-13 Ave. NW. There is a branch on the VERGE of falling on the City sidewalk. We have several dozen Foothills Hospital employees and visitors passing our home each weekday. This tree is on City of Calgary property.
    The sidewalk in front of our neighbor at 2928 - 13 Ave. NW also has large branch from a City tree which is about to fall on passing pedestrians.

    1. We have submitted a 311 service request on your behalf using the online form (service request #14-00515476). Please connect with 311 for any further assistance. Thank you for letting us know about this hazardous tree.