Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mayor Nenshi's Walk Challenge

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, Mayor Naheed Nenshi issued a challenge to encourage Calgary kids to walk (or bike or rollerblade or any form of active transportation) to school this year.

By walking to school, Calgary kids can help reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses in our environment, get additional exercise to stay fit and healthy, and do better in school. With more kids walking to school, we can also reduce the traffic congestion on streets around our schools.

“I know that a lot of families are very busy getting prepared for school and work every day,” said Mayor Nenshi. “But incorporating an additional 15 or 20 minutes into your routine can yield big benefits.”

Learn more about Mayor Nenshi’s Walk Challenge at www.Calgary.ca/WalkChallenge. Anyone taking up the challenge is encouraged to share their experience on Facebook, or Twitter (using #yycwalk).

Mayor Nenshi was joined in his announcement today by:

Tiffany Stones – A parent in Altadore who, with the help of other parents in the area, organized a Walking School Bus.

Lori Beattie - A parent in Elboya who helped her child and his friends set up a “bike gang” that bikes to school year-round.

Debbie Rheinstein – A teacher at Captain Nichola Goddard School who supported her students as they created the Green Commuting Hubs program as part of their 2014 Mayor’s Environment Expo project.

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  1. I find this ridiculous. None of the school boards operate schools on a community basis anymore. Some students may live across the street from a school but are not entitle to attend because they don't meet the criteria. Walking or even biking to school is simply not an option because of the distance required to get to school which offers the particular program that a parents chooses. Until school boards start prioritizing building community schools, rather than building programs with no regard to the distance the kids will travel, this is just a foolish idea. And that probably won't change any time soon because Calgary parents insist they should be able to choose the program that fits their needs, rather than the plain old local school...I'd like to know how Nenshi plans to engage the school boards and the province to make community schooling a priority, rather than choice of program.