Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Central Library design details unveiled

On Sept. 23, the final design details of Calgary’s New Central Library were shared at a media event hosted by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC).

The event featured speakers from the three organizations involved in the project - The City of Calgary, the Calgary Public Library and the CMLC, the project’s developer.

The architectural design team of Snøhetta + DIALOG showcased the library’s features through a 3-D animation, illustrating how the input provided by more than 16,000  Calgarians over the past two years has been incorporated into the library’s design, amenities and function.

Today’s release of the design marks a significant milestone in the delivery of the project. Calgarians can access the 3D rendering of the design online at calgarymlc.ca.

Library by design

Planning for the New Central Library began in 2004 as the institution approached its centennial with City Council's $40 million commitment towards the project.

In 2011, Council further paved the road toward a New Central Library by directing reductions in the provincial property tax toward a new Community Investment Fund earmarked for financing community infrastructure such as libraries and recreation centres. 

An investment in community

In 2013, Council committed $135 million from the Community Investment Fund toward the New Central Library. The Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) funds the remaining $70 million required for the project’s total $245 million cost.

The library will be located at the centre of the East Village corridor –positioned between the Glenbow Museum, Fort Calgary, the Epcor Centre, and the new National Music Centre. It will be a landmark building that exemplifies design excellence and environmental sustainability; a community space that fosters thought, collaboration and dialogue, and versatile venue for public art, performances, cultural enrichment and innovation.

Partnering on the project

The City of Calgary is proud to partner with the Calgary Public Library and CMLC in bringing this project to life.

The New Central Library is anticipated to open in 2018. For more information visit http://calgarymlc.ca.

Submitted by Cathy Davis, Strategic Services, Community Services and Protective Services


  1. It looks beautiful!!
    I'm still disappointed that they won't be incorporating the LRT with the building. Would have made life much easier for everyone and so much more accessible to be able to jump off right there. For all that the East Village is becoming, this one point seems rather short sighted of the city.
    Plus 15 from City Hall at least? It won't be much fun for families or those with disabilities, but at least they'll be out of the elements in winter!

  2. Awe-inspiring. Stunning. Unbelievable. Not at all what I expected for the design of the new library.

  3. 245 Million!?? For a library? Let that sink in.

  4. I am actually glad there is no train station right at the library. It keeps it a quiet place of study and keeps CERTAIN types of people out. I really like the overall design something nice for Calgary for a change. Way nicer than the BOW tower.

  5. 1. There's an LRT station not even a block away. 2. There's a *lot* of customization in the building which is where a lot of the money will go to from what I can see. 3. The library is for the ENTIRE community, including those "certain types" you're whining about.

    1. Not really for the entire community...if you live in the far suburbs or have kids, you aren't going to come all the way downtown. This is really only for those who work downtown or live in the surrounding area.

  6. the only benefit I see with it, is it *might* take the riff-raff away from the city hall station and current library. maybe I can actually catch a train for once without getting high off second hand marijuana smoke...