Monday, September 15, 2014

Report to Calgarians - Picking Up, Pitching In & Pulling Together

City crews and citizens are picking up, pitching in & pulling together to clean up tree debris following the recent storm.

Our first priority is to ensure public spaces are safe and accessible.

By helping your neighbours with the small stuff, The City can take care of the big stuff.

Visit for more information.


  1. Still don't understand why we are NOT allowed to help clear debris from Park pathways. Are the trees in parks more dangerous in some way? Lots (and lots) of people are out using park trails regardless - the City says it doesn't have the manpower to clear them - why not let citizens help here too? If it's not too dangerous to remove tree debris from streets and alleys - why is it too dangerous to remove debris from Park pathways - ?

    1. Many factors are taken into consideration when managing storm damaged trees and the associated clean-up efforts. Safety is our top concern; however Parks staff also have invaluable knowledge of how to best manage Calgary's urban forest.