Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Want to know what tree work is scheduled in your community to recover from last September’s storm?

Now you can use an easy interactive map to see how we are helping public trees recover in your community.

Tree work is planned in many Calgary neighbourhoods including pruning of public trees, the annual NeighbourWoods community partnerships, tree planting, and the life cycling of poplar trees.

Tree recovery map.
To understand how to use the map, click on ‘South Calgary’ as an example. You will see a window pop up that indicates NeighbourWoods is planned for this community, as well as tree planting and poplar tree life cycling.

The Tree Recovery Map will keep you updated on what is scheduled for your community. Learn when trees near your home are being pruned or replanted, and find out if you live in a NeighbourWoods community. Click on your community to learn more!

The unseasonal snowstorm last September caused significant damage to our urban forest. Estimates indicate 50 per cent of the 500,000 public trees and 1.5 million private trees sustained damage from the storm. With three times as many damaged trees on private property as on City land, recovering from the storm will require us to look after our trees together.

More information can be found at calgary.ca/trees.

Submitted by Althea Livingston, Parks

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