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Monday, July 27, 2015

Paving season is in full swing

As the summer rolls along so do The City’s paving crews. Paving is an important part of maintaining Calgary’s transportation network. Due to the short window for paving in the summer, citizens should expect some disruption to their commute during the summer months. To minimize traffic disruption, paving work is carried out during nights and weekends on major roads. If you are looking for more information, visit the Construction Detours map on, or if you’re looking for information on a specific paving project, visit

How is a road selected for paving?

There are many factors that are weighed during the evaluation of a road for paving. While some roads may appear worse than others, roads selected for paving are based on specific guidelines for road conditions and focus on those which require the most repairs.

Among the criteria are the Pavement Management System, The Pavement Quality Index rating and annual visual and automated condition surveys performed on the roads. Other factors can include the number of motorists that utilize a road on a daily basis, and utility replacement programs.

My road is scheduled for paving, now what?

The rehabilitation of a roadway involves several processes, which can take up to eight weeks to complete. If a road is scheduled for paving, utility work or concrete repair may be required prior to paving. Gutters and damaged sidewalk blocks will be replaced to ensure proper drainage.

Prior to paving, citizens will be required to remove their cars and will be notified via signs placed on the road at least 12 hours prior to paving. The street will be milled, manholes will be levelled and the road will then be paved.

For a detailed description of this work, see our paving steps brochure.

The City of Calgary would like to thank citizens for their patience during the summer construction season. Visit to find out if your street is scheduled for paving this summer.

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