Friday, October 23, 2015

Calgary set to improve with age

We’re all getting older. In fact, by 2036 nearly one in five Calgarians will be a senior. This growing population means we need to plan for how our communities will promote healthy, active aging, and ensure older adults are able to maintain their independence through access to the support they need.

Today, The City of Calgary gathered with its partners in developing an Age-Friendly Strategy to celebrate the milestones reached to date: Council’s endorsement of the plan and the Province’s recognition of Calgary for its work in contributing to an Age-Friendly Alberta.

To help build the strategy and implementation plan, we reached out to older adults, caregivers, community groups and other stakeholders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Working together, we identified six priority areas that are now set to be implemented.

1. Access to information and services
2. Community support and health
3. Housing
4. Participation and inclusion
5. Prevention of and response to elder abuse
6. Transportation and mobility

Learn more about the plan and ways you can support Calgary’s older adults at

Submitted by Peter Jacoby, Community & Neighbourhood Services

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