Thursday, October 15, 2015

The City cautions Calgarians about Private for Hire Vehicles

The world is changing the way it does business and The City is ready to embrace and adapt to those changes. We welcome the use of new technologies and competition. We support choice and options that make lives easier.

Many citizens have tried private for hire vehicles services here and elsewhere, and want access to those options.

The City advises citizens that there are risks associated with participating in private for hire vehicle services such as Uber. These risks include the fact that these vehicles are not inspected by The City and the drivers are not licensed by The City. There is also a risk from an insurance prospective for drivers, passengers and any third party involved in an accident in or with one of the vehicles.

Safety and Insurance
The existing Livery Transport Bylaw ensures that taxi and limousine drivers undergo criminal checks, receive training, and are properly licensed and insured. In addition, vehicles are subject to thorough inspections rated on both mechanics and appearance, and meters are checked for accuracy. All of this is done to ensure the safety and protection of passengers, drivers and the general public.

Regulated taxi and limousine drivers are required to have commercial automobile insurance that ensures both passengers and drivers are safe and covered if an accident were to occur.

It is important that citizens and drivers of private for hire vehicles understand the implications currently involved in utilizing such services. Using or driving one of these vehicles could mean you don’t have access to insurance protection and accident benefits under Alberta law.

Consumer Options
On October 5, Council directed Administration to report back to the November 16 Strategic Planning Meeting of Council with options to regulate private for hire vehicles.

The City wants consumers to have options and we are working on ways to provide options. In the meantime, we encourage Calgarians to be informed to make smart transportation choices.

Read the news release in The City of Calgary Newsroom.


  1. And yet Calgarians want Uber. They want it because it is there when you need it, it costs less than regular cabs, and, quite frankly, the drivers are just as good, if not better, than Calgary cabbies.

  2. I strongly agree on this report

  3. I did not like it one bit when my taxi driver was busy checking his Facebook feed rather than keeping his eyes on the road...

    1. Passengers have a bill of rights when taking a taxi in Calgary. If you have concerns about the quality and safety of the service provided by a taxi and its driver, we encourage you to call 311.

  4. Point is Uber is socially monitored and it's in the driver's best interest to provide good service or they won't get repeat business. Our taxis are slow, over priced, they constantly try to scam customers with longer routes AND most of them intentionally drive slow and miss lights to increase fares... or simply drive like morons. I think Uber is VERY needed in Calgary and our current taxi service is horrible frankly. Just try getting a cab after midnight on a Friday/Saturday when there is no C-train running (another stupid city decision) and all the bars are letting out. Good luck on that! Uber all the way!

  5. Don't forget the fact that we have the only airport unserved by train in NA...due to the successful lobbying by the taxis! That for me is still unbelievable!