Friday, November 6, 2015

Survey: Tell us how you like your bridges

The City of Calgary is conducting feasibility studies on four proposed pedestrian bridge replacement projects. Two of the proposed projects will move forward into the pre-planning stages.

To complete this preliminary study, we need to understand how and why Calgarians currently use these four pedestrian bridges.

The four proposed projects (in no particular order) are:
  • Anderson LRT Station Pedestrian Bridge (nearby communities include Southwood and Willow Park)
  • Westbrook Mall Pedestrian Bridge (nearby communities include Rosscarrock and Spruce Cliff)
  • Penedo Way Pedestrian Bridge over the CN Rail tracks (nearby communities include Penbrooke Meadows, Applewood Park, and Mountview)
  • Nose Creek Pathway Bridge (nearby communities include Thorncliffe)
If you use these pedestrian bridges, or live or work nearby, we need your feedback!

Help us understand how your community moves. Visit our website and complete the five-minute survey here.

Existing Laycock Park Pedestrian Bridge
Existing Anderson LRT Pedestrian Bridge

Existing Penedo Way Pedestrian Bridge

Existing Westbrook Pedestrian Bridge


  1. Anderson bridge needs either a major resurfacing or a newer design so in Winter it is not so slippery especially on the downward slope. Yes you have a great crew doing the sanding and salting pickle mix, but some of us come earlier or much later after the mix has dissipated, or been blown away. Grooves or something should be done before someone really flips and breaks something, like a leg, arm or hip, neck or head.

  2. Access from Safeway parking lot to bus stop and bridge is horrible

  3. Anderson station is just outdated. I don't find it unsafe because it's always salted. I have no problem with the bridge itself.. I agree it could use an upgrade but it's not broken! Not worth being ppb a priority list :) also I'm from Newfoundland... We have harsher weather and are never asked of our opinion a bridge... I appreciate the sign!

  4. THE SURVEY FOR ANDERSON LRT BRIDGE DOES NOT WORK! (Not surprising that nobody else has noticed since the City doesn't publicize these things adequately.) I am a long time local resident and tried to do the survey from a local Shaw Internet connection. The survey terminates with "The survey you are trying to take is either not live or not available to you."
    MY OPINION: The bridge is getting quite old and rusty. Rust stains show through the concrete in places. This is an ESSENTIAL pedestrian and bike pathway for residents of Southwood and other nearby communities to cross the tracks and gain access to not only Anderson station, but amenities East such as South Centre, Willow Park, Leisure Centre, and much more. Since the Anderson Rd overpass over Macleod Tr is impassible by pedistrians or bikes, the next alternate track crossings are at least a mile away N. & S. at the Southland and Canyon Meadows stations. Maintaining the Anderson Rd pedestrian bridge is essential to providing adequate walkability and bikeability for nearby neighbourhoods and should be a priority, especially in the context of the Anderson ARP.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. The Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study surveys closed on Sunday and we’re pleased to report that there were nearly 200 submissions for the Anderson LRT survey alone! We will reviewing all data and public input to help us with the planning stage and next steps for this project.