Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Snow Angels: Just regular folks helping out their neighbours

With snow in the forecast we are launching this year’s Snow Angels campaign. You can build community pride by clearing ice and snow from the walkways of those in need in your neighbourhood.

“Anyone can be a Snow Angel – it’s just regular folks wanting to help out older adults or persons with mobility and health needs who live nearby,” says Geoff Moore, program coordinator. “The campaign has two parts: help someone out and recognize someone who has helped out.”

Keeping walkways clear of ice and snow helps everyone move safely around their neighbourhoods during the winter. For some people, this means that they can still get out of the house for exercise, a change of scenery or a neighbourly visit.

Clearing snow can be challenging – even dangerous – for older adults and others with limited mobility.

“Sometimes it only takes a few extra minutes after a snowfall to help a neighbour – especially before the walk is packed by foot traffic,” says Moore. “It means so much to those with limitations.”

All nominated Snow Angels are officially recognized by Mayor Nenshi and entered into a prize draw to be held in the spring.

If someone has cleared your sidewalk, show your appreciation by submitting their name as a Snow Angel at 311 online. For more information, visit: calgary.ca/SnowAngels.

Submitted by Peter Jacoby, Community & Neighbourhood Services

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