Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Green Line's South Hill station explained by Lead Planner, Breanne Harder

I’ve worked for The City for just under four years, primarily within Planning & Development and Transportation Planning. Working on the South Hill Station Area Plan has allowed me to bring together my interests and education in transportation and the built environment, while providing a great opportunity to redevelop a large area within established Calgary; normally, this scale of redevelopment is reserved for suburban areas.

About South Hill
South Hill is located south of Glenmore Trail at Shepard Road SE. Today, the area is predominately undeveloped with two mobile home parks and some industrial buildings, however, a Green Line LRT station and a major transit hub are planned for the area. These significant changes have led to the development of the South Hill Station Area Plan, which will guide development in South Hill.

The policy plan will put the tools in place to transform South Hill to an urban village with opportunities to live, work, and play in the area. Services and amenities will be located along a pedestrian-oriented high street that will include an urban plaza and park space.
The urban plaza and park space will be flexible throughout the seasons.

As part of the development of this policy, I recently invited stakeholders and landowners to a drawing and dialogue workshop where we discussed ideas for South Hill while illustrators developed images and diagrams based on conversations surrounding typologies in South Hill. The illustrations that resulted from our discussions are now being used to inform the land use and vision for the area.

Larger retail stores can be located on the second level,
allowing for smaller units that provide more interest at street level.
What are typologies? Typologies are commonly found forms in cities. Examples of typologies include residential, commercial, industrial and office. While cities throughout the world have these typologies, the specific elements of each typology vary widely based on context.

Including a session focused on typologies during the policy development process allowed us to work with the public and focus on the best possible outcomes for South Hill, given its context.

 Lead Planner of the
South Hill Area Station Plan,
Breanne Harder
As a planner, it provides me with an added link between the vision and developing policies that will help achieve that vision. Stakeholders invited to the session bring their expertise and landowners in the area provide additional community knowledge. Together, the concepts developed will be used to produce a relevant policy plan that provides support for decision-making throughout the planning and development process.

What am I most excited to see once this project is complete? One day, taking the CTrain to South Hill station and spending time on the high street, seeing how the policies I developed shaped the area into an urban village in south Calgary.

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