Friday, May 13, 2016

Calgary and Edmonton teens set to compete this weekend in Cadet Games

More than 50 Fire and Police Cadets from Calgary and Edmonton will be competing to survive this weekend in Bragg Creek at the 2nd annual Cadet Games, May 13-15, 2016. Alberta teens, aged 15 to 19, will vie for their cadet program to win the most outdoor emergency challenges during the three day event at Camp Horizon. 

“We are really excited to participate in another Cadet Games,” said Calgary Fire Cadets Program. Coordinator Ashton Sykes. Last year, the first-ever Alberta Cadet Games were held in Edmonton.

“Not only are we happy to have the chance to host our friends from Edmonton this year, it is another great opportunity for both Police and Fire Cadet Programs to get together and learn from each other.” 

Calgary Fire Cadets, who must be 15 to 18 years old and enrolled in local high school, can apply for the 18 month program if they have an interest in learning leadership as well as basic firefighting and emergency response skills. The group of 12 Calgary Fire Cadets will join 14 Calgary Police and 28 Edmonton Police and Fire Cadets for this weekend’s games. Each cadet team will compete in a series of challenges, starting with a tug of war after the opening ceremonies on Friday night and ending with an obstacle or challenge course, on Sunday.  The team with the most points will be declared the winner at the closing ceremonies.

To participate in the Games, teens must be part of either the Calgary or Edmonton Fire or Police Cadets. The Calgary Fire Cadets program begins accepting applications in September. To learn more about the Program, those interested are encouraged to register for Bucket Brigade Camps in July and August; week-long day camps for 14-18 year olds to experience a variety of firefighting skills and achieve CPR and fire extinguisher certifications.

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