Thursday, May 5, 2016

Students gain appreciation of trees on Arbour Day

Thank you to the students and staff at St. Jerome School today who helped us celebrate Arbour Day and the importance of trees and green spaces in our city. Every year a different Calgary elementary schools hosts the official Arbour Day ceremony which includes the planting of a tree on that school’s grounds.

In addition to the traditional Arbour Day tree planting and flag presentation the event featured student performances including a choir, hand bells, bucket drumming and a high school jazz band. Representatives were also on hand from the Alberta Government, the Calgary Catholic School District, the Calgary Board of Education and Tree Canada.

Along with the official Arbour Day ceremony students in Grade One classes across Calgary will be taking home tree seedlings. These seedlings are for them to plant at home and help share some of the reasons why trees are so important, because they:
  • Help the environment: by regulating the water-cycle, preventing soil erosion and making oxygen.  
  • Conserve energy: by reducing the energy needed to heat and cool homes throughout the seasons.  
  • Build community: by making our neighborhoods beautiful, friendly, and biodiverse. 
For more information on Arbour Day and the importance of trees in Calgary, visit

Submitted by Arthur McComish, Calgary Parks

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