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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Scary near-miss a reminder to all Calgarians to slow down in construction zones

Imagine walking down the hallway to the office photocopier and having to check both directions for speeding vehicles. Picture yourself sitting at your desk and feeling the tailwind of cars speeding by. For many of our construction crews, this is a day-to-day reality. 
Michael Dejewski and Raiden Marshall experienced a near miss recently
Sometimes the feeling is too close for comfort. In early May, Traffic employees Raiden Marshall and Michael Dejewski were marking lanes by 68 Street and 16 Avenue N.E. While Raiden was setting up the equipment, Michael was setting down the last of the cones placed behind their trailer and light board to alert traffic work was happening. It was at this moment when a speeding vehicle encroached the pair’s workspace.
“As soon as I heard the screech I yelled at Raiden,” recounts Michael. “The car swerved around the trailer, I don’t know if it skimmed it or clipped the trailer, it all happened so fast, but the vehicle hit the curb, went airborne, came to a brief stop and then sped off.”
Remarkably, the vehicle landed between Raiden and the Roads truck, yet it was still too close for comfort he says. “It’s scary — all you can do is react. The adrenaline was going at that point, when I heard Michael yell, and the screech of the vehicle, you know something bad is coming your way.”
While this might be an extreme case, the notion among those who work on the road is the same no matter who you ask. The road is a dangerous place to begin with, and those who ignore construction zone signage are making the problem worse.
What would Michael and Raiden like to see from motorists? “A little more sensitivity,” says Raiden. Michael adds, “when you see signs, understand that crews might be working in and around those areas.”
"My Dad Works Here" returns in 2016
Following Stampede, the "My Dad Works Here" campaign will kick off again in Calgary. The campaign features the children and grandchildren of Water Services and Roads employees and is aimed at reminding Calgarians that the people working out in the construction zones have families that they want to get home safely to at the end of the day.
Please remember, when you are out and about on the roads, pay attention and slow down when driving through construction zones or near a City or emergency vehicle. Our fellow employees work there.
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  2. Thanks for remind this information. All the best for your "My Dad Works Here" campaign.