Thursday, September 8, 2016

Becoming the city we imagined

This month marks 10 years of work towards a shared view of Calgary's future through the imagineCALGARY Urban Sustainability Plan.

The plan includes a 100 year vision along with numerous long-term goals and targets, with a vision of making Calgary a great place to make a living, a great place to make a life.

10 Years ago, over 18,000 Calgarians contributed to the goals and aspirations of imagineCALGARY. The resulting award-winning plan envisioned a community in which Calgarians would:
  • be connected to each other, our communities, and beyond;
  • have a lighter footprint on the earth; and
  • sense a vibrant, healthy, and strong community fabric.

Fast forward to today and the vision and core principles of imagineCALGARY have become deeply rooted in much of what we do as The City of Calgary and as a community.

As a community-owned plan, many people, organizations and businesses continue to work towards, or in the spirit of, the imagineCALGARY goals that are now embedded throughout The City's plans (such as the Municipal Development Plan, the Calgary Transportation Plan, the 2020 Sustainability Direction), and long-term sustainability goals for City business units such as Waste and Recycling, Water Resources, and Parks, to name a few. In addition, community efforts such as the Calgary Economic Development Strategy, Calgary Arts Development Strategy, Calgary’s community driven poverty reduction strategy (a.k.a. the Enough 4 All Strategy), and the Calgary Board of Education’s Sustainability Framework.

As our city evolves, emerging efforts continue to contribute towards our long-term vision. Initiatives related to innovation, community and economic resiliency, as well as initiatives that address climate change, all contribute to the imagineCALGARY vision and core principles.

To highlight people, places, projects, and movement being made towards the goals and aspirations of the imagineCALGARY plan, we'll be sharing 10 stories via the imagineCALGARY Twitter account and website. Watch for the storyboard display in the City Hall atrium from September 19-23!

We're excited to continue working with Calgarians and community partners every day to help ensure Calgary remains a great city to make a living, and a great city to make a life.

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