Monday, May 15, 2017

During Road Safety Week, Calgary motorists reminded that speeding can be fatal

The City is reminding drivers to slow down during Road Safety Week this year.

Tony Churchill, Leader of Traffic Safety at Roads, says speeding, even a little, can greatly reduce safety for you, your passengers, and others outside your vehicle.

“Some drivers believe it’s okay to speed a little – that as long as they aren’t speeding more than 5-10 km/h over the limit, they will be safe,” says Churchill. “But the data shows this is not true. Driving just 10 km/h over the limit can impact your reaction time and increase the risk of collision as much as driving impaired by alcohol at the legal limit.”
The City takes collisions very seriously and uses data like this to make adjustments where we can to improve safety on Calgary’s roads, he adds.

According to Road Safety Vision 2010, 17% of all road users killed annually were traveling at excessive speeds. Calgary-specific data shows that excessive speeding was a factor in an average of 13% of casualty collisions over a 5-years span.

“Speeding reduces the time available to perceive and react to hazards, and increases the distance required for a vehicle to stop.” Churchill says.

On average, 94 collisions occur in Calgary each day. While this may seem high, it is an improvement over past decades. The fatality collision rate has declined by 45% in the past 20 years which is believed to be due to better road design and traffic calming, safety education, increased enforcement and because more people are taking transit.

Despite a relatively good traffic safety record, The City’s traffic safety team is continuing to work hard to make Calgary roads safer by implementing the Safer Mobility Plan.

“We have done a lot in the last few years to improve safety as described in the Calgary Safer Mobility Plan. We are already busy planning out our actions for the next five years and we’re looking forward to strengthening our Vision Zero approach while maintaining realistically aggressive targets for improvement.”

The actions The City has taken to implement the five-year Safer Mobility Plan include: Road Safety Audits, In-Service Road Safety Reviews, development of the Pedestrian Strategy and implementation of measures to mitigate identified collision issues.

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  1. Could I please receive a link to the research paper that the above data is based on?

  2. Hi. The link is in the document Advancing Sustainable Safety, which is available for free in English from the at: