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Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrating the Bow River Through Art

If you happen to spot a little wooden boat floating along the Bow River this summer, share your story.

The boats are part of Celebration of the Bow River 2010 public art series, which kicked off last weekend at Douglasbank and Fish Creek Parks when artist Peter Von Tiesenhausen released 100 wooden, hand-carved, nine-inch long boats into the Bow River.

Citizens who find a boat are encouraged to share their story on

According to Von Tiesenhausen, his interactive instalment titled Passages represents the relationship between water and life. The boats’ journeys downstream highlight our connection to the Bow, its upstream and downstream watershed and the life forms supported by the river.

“This public art event reminds us in an innovative way about Calgary’s most precious natural resource and how our actions affect its health and the long-term viability of our city,” says Dianne Quan, Public Art Program coordinator.

“We encourage the public to keep an eye out for the boats and to share their stories if they find one,” says Quan. “This is just one of the six projects in the series and we hope people come out and enjoy the art and celebrate the Bow River.”

Celebration of the Bow River 2010 series is part of The City of Calgary’s Public Art Plan, which aims to build awareness, appreciation and understanding of The City’s commitment to protect and sustain our rivers and natural environments. The series features six different artists who will create public art events that draw people to the river and present new perspectives and ideas on environmental issues.

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