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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CANstruction engages young engineers and Engineers In Training

Engineers, architects and designers build, design and work to construct structures that improve the lives of people - during Canstruction they also help put food on the table.

Canstruction is a multidisciplinary competition meant to raise awareness about hunger and to challenge, inspire and showcase the talents of engineer and design students. Essentially, the contest is to create artistic sculptures, designed and crafted using donated non-perishable food items.

Since 2006, Canstruction Calgary has provided over 250,000 pounds of food to Calgarians in need.This year 12 teams participated in the build that took months to plan and hours to set  up.

The build took place on Feb. 24 and was judged on Feb. 25. During the week following the event the municipal building turns into an art gallery that slightly resembles a grocery store. The City of Calgary supports Canstruction Calgary to raise food donations for the Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank

The winners this year are:

The Best Meal Award - City of Calgary: A canoe in front of mountains

The Best use of labels Award - ABB Inc.: A line of train cars in front of a map of Canada

The Structural Ingenuity Award - Fluor: A set of Robertson screws driving into the floor

The Juror's Pick Award - Bantrel: A Canadian Snowbird in front of the Canadian flag

The Best Use of Theme Award: ARC Resources Ltd.: A Tim's coffee and donut

Follow these links to support the Calgary Inter-Faith food Bank or learn more about and/or plan to get involved visit Canstruction Calgary.

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