Tuesday, October 23, 2012

City crews continue to deal with Calgary’s first winter blast

City of Calgary crews have continued their response to the first blast of winter. Crews have remained on the main commuter routes for much of the day with plows and salt to assist with the commute home this afternoon. Crews will now begin to make their way onto the secondary routes.

An end to the snowfall combined with predicted warm temperatures over the next few days means a snow route parking ban is not required.

The City will continue to monitor weather forecasts and inform Calgarians of any changes should the operational need arise. 

Drivers are reminded to leave at least 10 metres or about three car lengths - between your vehicle and the working sanders, graders and plows. Do not pass working equipment.

As Calgarians get used to winter driving conditions again, drivers are reminded to take the following steps before beginning their commute:
  • tune up and winterize your vehicle
  • consider installing appropriate tires to the season
  • clean snow and ice off your vehicle and ensure your lights and your windows are clear
  • give yourself extra time to reach your destination
  • reduce your speed and turn on your headlights
  • drive defensively
  • leave extra distance between you and the car ahead of you
  • when road conditions are difficult, consider using Calgary Transit
  • consider delaying your trip until the roads are in better condition
Now that winter is upon us, Calgarians can get informed about potential parking bans by:
For information on The City’s snow and ice control program, visit calgary.ca.

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