Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Assessment Notices are Mailed and the Assessment Customer Review Period Begins

Today, The City of Calgary mailed approximately 491,000 Property and Business 2013 Assessment Notices and commenced the 2013 Assessment Customer Review Period, which runs from January 3 to March 4, 2013.

The 2013 Property Assessment values are based on a July 1, 2012 market valuation date and December 31, 2012 physical condition date as legislated by the Province of Alberta through the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The 2013 Business Assessment values are based on the July 1, 2012 typical net annual rental value of business premises.

The assessed values, which provide the basis for determining property and business taxes, are prepared annually by The City of Calgary. “Preparing assessments on an annual basis helps ensure property and business assessments remain current with changing market conditions,” explains Harvey Fairfield, Calgary’s Acting City Assessor. “The market establishes the value of properties and businesses in Calgary; we simply measure that market value as of July 1 each year prior to the taxation year.”

The 2013 Customer Review Period provides customers with the opportunity to review and ensure the accuracy of their 2013 Assessment and learn more about Calgary’s assessment process. “The Customer Review Period is a top priority for the Assessment business unit,” says Fairfield. “During this time, Assessment staff and resources are fully dedicated to serving our customers and answering their questions.”

In conjunction with the 2013 Assessment Notice mailing, on January 3, the Assessment Search website at will be updated with 2013 assessment information.

Through the Assessment Search Secure Login service, property and business owners can conduct more in-depth assessment research by accessing more detailed information on their own property or business premises, summary information on other properties or premises for comparison purposes, helpful search tools and account management features.

“We continue to enhance the information and services we offer online so customers can efficiently and conveniently access tools and resources to help with their assessment review,” says Fairfield. Information about registering for and using the Assessment Search Secure Login service is included with the 2013 Notice mailing and online at

If customers still have questions after reviewing their assessment, they can call the Assessment business unit at 403-268-2888 during the 2013 Customer Review Period to have their inquiries answered over the phone or, if necessary, to book an appointment with an assessor.

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