Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Spaces: Windows to a View Linda Carreiro & RICHard SMOLinski and Larissa Tiggelers

Open Spaces: Windows to a View presents two new installations now on view at the 7th Avenue and Centre Street LRT platform. Artist team Linda Carreiro & RICHard SMOLinski explore the possibilities between language and meaning, while Larissa Tiggelers experiments with the endless relationships between colour, form and composition.
Linda Carreiro & RICHard SMOLinski,
Summary, 2013, excised black Moriki Kozo paper
Linda Carreiro & RICHard SMOLinski present Summary, a series of textual veils installed at varying depths throughout the space. Made from rice paper, the delicate text hangs vertically throughout the space, partially obscuring each other and casting elaborate and ominous shadows upon the wall and floor. Summary requires more effort from the viewer to read the text but denies any literal or absolute exchange of information. “We cannot guarantee that the experience of reading our Summary will impart any wisdom or enable any epiphanies,” say the artists.

Linda is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Calgary, where RICHard recently completed his PhD in Art, and is currently a sessional instructor.

Larissa Tiggelers, GARY, 2012 acrylic on canvas
Local artist, Larissa Tiggelers’ painting practice experiments with colour, composition and form to create shifting spatial perspectives. According to Larissa, “The shapes, forms, colours, textures and the relationships between these elements are tools for both manipulating and breaking the illusion of space. The hard-edged shapes create a form, which then becomes a character, whose colours I manipulate to create a fractured space.” Although she is interested in the formal qualities of art, she insists that her work is based on an intuitive, experimental process. “I carefully consider the colour relationships and utilize my intuition to keep my process engaging.” 

Larissa received a BFA with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2010, and will be featured in the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, The News From Here at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton. 

With support from McLennan Ross LLP, the Open Spaces program celebrates the diversity and quality of local artists while enlivening the downtown 7th Avenue transportation corridor. 

These works are on view now through April 20, 2013.
For more information, visit www.calgary.ca/publicart.

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