Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspirational senior wins 100 Faces of Recreation contest

Bob Merrick, winner of 100 faces of Recreation contest
What do you imagine doing when you’re 89 years old? Bob Merrick, one of Recreation’s regular customers, skates three times a week at Optimist Arena and because of his lifelong enjoyment of recreation he won the “100 Faces of Recreation” contest.

As part of Recreation’s centennial celebrations in 2012, Calgarians were encouraged to submit stories about how recreation and leisure activities have positively impacted their lives. Stories were collected and the ones that inspired us by showing how recreation enriches lives were featured on the 100 Faces of Recreation gallery.

In January Bob’s story was chosen as the winner by a jury of Recreation staff. Rec100 project managers Teresa Byrne and Karina Damgaard said the jury had a hard time picking one winner from all the amazing submissions.

“We received such a diverse range of stories from children to seniors, folks with disabilities and people who overcame illnesses,” said Karina. “The stories are extremely inspirational. Bob was chosen as the winner because he truly defines how important it is to be active throughout your life, and he’s been around for 89 years of our 100 year history!”

Bob’s prize, which he will redeem this summer, is a guided sailing trip around Glenmore Reservoir with his friends and family.
Bob Merrick with his friends from the 50+ Leisure Skate at Optimist Arena
Rob Sikina, a supervisor at Optimist Arena, was inspired by Bob’s enthusiasm and submitted his story to 100 Faces. Bob has been a regular participant at the drop-in 50+ Leisure Skate since 1996. He loves winter sports and firmly believes that his weekly skates have added more years to his life.

“I’m overjoyed,” said Bob after being presented with his award. “I’ve never won anything in 89 years! Thank you to Recreation, this is really a surprise and I feel very honoured.” He added that he plans to continue being active by skating in our arenas and walking in our parks for many years to come.

Visit the 100 Faces of Recreation gallery to see the collection of stories and videos.

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