Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The City's permitting process showing positive gains

Planning, Development and Assessment at The City of Calgary is showing strength in its permitting process in terms of volume, decisions rendered, and processing times. The outcome of which, means better service for Calgarians.

Just past the half year mark for 2013 and applications are already showing a 6% increase (1130) in large-scale applications received. We are also seeing a 9% increase (1058) in decisions made on these applications.

In addition to our application and decision volumes, our 2012 permit application processing times are also
showing great turnaround times. Last year, 77% (116,304) applications were instantly processed at our service counter and online. An additional 12% (17,826) were processed in less than two weeks. Only 11% (17,273) took more than two weeks to process, and these were primarily larger, more complicated applications.

A strong permitting process enables the strong growth of Calgary.

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