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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

City Matters: Development & Building Approvals Recommendations for Flood Damaged Homes

If your home was affected by the 2013 flood, the Department of Development & Building Approvals can help you determine what permits you need to do repairs and where to get started.

To find out what financial assistance might be available to you, contact the Alberta Government -Disaster Recovery Program flood info line on 310-4455 or online:

Before beginning any work on your home, and for any questions related to permits, inspections or development applications, please contact the Planning Services Centre on 403-268-5311 to discuss your plan.

You can also find out more info on

1 comment:

  1. Where are the DEVELOPERS when it comes to paying out to the flood victim? How much did they make when selling these homes to people? Do they not have a responsibility to pay back what they made off some unsuspecting victims of the flood after selling homes in flood plains and districts on the fringe? What about the City Planners who approved these developments in flood plains?

    Why are the taxpayers on the hook when we did nothing to cause these problems?