Thursday, August 15, 2013

Replacing pedestrian bridges on the Elbow

Pedestrian Bridges Flood Damage
The City of Calgary continues to make progress at repairing flood damaged infrastructure. That progress will continue into the late summer of 2013 with the demolition of three damaged pedestrian bridges over the Elbow River.

The three bridges that need to be replaced along the Elbow River are:
  • The Sandy Beach Pedestrian Bridge (along the Elbow River Pathway), 
  • The Riverdale Avenue / Sifton Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge and 
  • The Rideau Park Bridge from Elbow Drive S.W. to Rideau Road S.W. 
These bridges suffered irreparable damage during the flooding and must be removed and replaced. There are some special considerations we need to keep in mind during that process.

  1. The removal of the bridges must be complete by September 15, 2013 in order to prevent damage to fish spawning habitat. It is a little known fact (or a best kept secret) that Calgary has some of the best fishing in western Canada. The City works closely with Federal regulators to ensure our waterways remain healthy. 
  2. Reconstruction of the bridges is a high priority for the City.  Construction of the new bridges is projected to begin sometime in 2014.  
  3. The City would like to engage the public about these pedestrian bridges as they provided valuable links for the Elbow River Pathway system as well as important commuter links. This is a good opportunity to explore new options for these bridges. More information will be available regarding that engagement process as plans develop.   

Detouring around these bridges during construction will be necessary for commuters and pathway users. Here are some suggestions:

  • People wishing to cross the river at the Sifton Boulevard pedestrian bridge should continue east to Elbow Drive S.W.
  • People wishing to cross at the Rideau Park pedestrian bridge should use 4 Street S.W. or Elbow Drive S.W. 
  • There is no detour for people wishing to cross the river by foot at Sandy Beach.

The City of Calgary is committed to developing and maintaining a transportation system that works for all Calgarians. As this project progresses The City will continue providing information on, this news blog, on social media channels and by communicating with aldermanic offices and community associations. Information on other Pathway closures can be found on


  1. Build them using as much of the "useable/existing" structure, reduce time and $$ to be rebuilt, widen if possible but time and money are foremost

  2. So long as we keep the suspension briges! They've been there forever and would be a shame to put in some ugly utilitarian monstrosity. Please keep aesthetic in mind.

  3. I agree with Anonymous I think the aesthetics are crucial here. The original bridge's were beautiful. Please keep the.aesthetics in mind.