Friday, August 9, 2013

Special Parking Permits for RV street parking

The rain has stopped and the water has returned to normal but the Calgary flood of 2013 continues to affect many. For some people, the flood has meant they cannot return to live in their homes. Some have found accommodations with friends or family and others have found service providers to assist with their temporary housing needs. Still, some people are able to, and choose to, reside in their recreational vehicles. This could be for many reasons; it could be to live near loved ones, or a familiar commute to work, or maybe to be close to a property they are repairing.

The City wants to help accommodate people’s choices while respecting the needs of communities and neighbours. That’s why we've been working to formalize a system that will respect everyone’s needs while operating within Calgary’s Bylaws. Now a person choosing to reside in a recreational vehicle on a city Street will be able to apply for a Special Parking Permit.

This permit will help the Calgary Parking Authority and community members quickly and easily identify a person who has made this choice. People choosing to reside temporarily in their recreational vehicle will need to apply for and display the Special Parking Permit by August 19. They can do this in three ways:
  • Fill out the online permit application. (This permit is used by contractors for business purposes. Please insert your name and the address of your flood affected property where the ‘Company Name’ and ‘Company Address’ are required, if you are parking in a different location please provide the address of that location in the ‘Address of Use’ field).
  • Call 311 to submit a request for a permit application.
  • Apply in person at the Permit Service Counter at 2808 Spiller Rd S.E., South Tower, on the main floor, beside the reception desk.If you would like to know more about this temporary pass please visit and search Special Parking Permit. There's a service request button on that page that will guide you through the steps of applying for this permit.
Although The City recognizes that this is a convenient solution for some, it also recognizes that this cannot be a long term housing solution. That’s why this pass will only be issued for a specified period of time, require renewal at the end of that time and only be available to persons displaced by the flood.

Certain restrictions apply using this permit which will be explained during the permit issuing process. Also, remember that The City’s Land Use Bylaw prevents a person from storing or residing in their recreational vehicle on their property for more than 24 hours.

More information on the Land Use Bylaw and some tips on being a good neighbour are available here.

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