Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 Street S.W. cycle track- already the busiest on-street bikeway in Calgary

Since opening the 7 Street S.W. cycle track in July 2013, The City has been monitoring people travelling through the area, whether on foot, bike or car. Results are in:
  • The number of cycling trips per day on 7 Street S.W. is more than double than what was originally forecasted (500 trips). With more than 1,000 trips counted in 24 hour periods on weekdays, in July and August, the 7 Street S.W. cycle track is already the busiest on-street bikeway in Calgary. 
  • People of all cycling skills are using the cycle track, including youth, adults, and seniors.   
City staff distributing the How-to guide on 7 Street
Here are some other highlights of the new 7 Street S.W. roadway:
  • Better traffic flow for people travelling in the area  
  • More education and enforcement through regular visits to 7 Street S.W. from City staff and Calgary Police Service. Check out the How-to guide
  • Getting ready for winter by testing appropriate snow removal equipment  

Next steps
The City will continue to monitor and adjust traffic operations on 7 Street S.W. as required through fall 2013. In November, The City will continue engaging Calgarians on the Centre City cycle track network, of which 7 Street S.W. cycle track is a part. Your feedback in late fall on these items will help provide transportation choices and improve mobility in Calgary’s downtown.


  1. Serioulsy???? My office window is directly in sight of this bike lane and I've never witnessed this amount of volume. I suspect that someone is couting the spokes on tires or rounding to the nearest thousand.

  2. The construction of this bike lane at this location was not planned by people who have any experience of working and commuting to this area of the city. I have seen this bike lane used by skateboarders. I have seen this bike lane NOT used by cyclists who continue to use the sidewalk, nearly knocking down pedestrians, and also cyclists continuing to bike on the road. The reduction to one lane for cars is ludicrous. It is a regular occurrance that cars will coming south on 7th get stuck in the intersection on 6th ave and 7 street. I also regularly see cyclists not obeying the traffic signals and not stopping at red lights. Great use of money, City of Calgary. And to make bike lines a priority one for snow removal is laughable. Are there more bikes or more cars commuting in winter? You are hardly going to entice people to bike when we have had snow when they usually commute via car. Calgary is not a city like Amsterdam and never will be, no matter how much this utopian view of City Council exists. Let's get people in Council who have a realistic and sensible understanding of this city.

  3. Of course the 7th St SW separated bike lane is the busiest on-street bike way in the City. There are after all so few, covering such as short distance and none that actually connect completely from an origination point to a destination that constitute a completely "safe" commute for cyclists.
    But lets be clear that was no public engagement process undertaken in compliance with City Council's engage!report. So imagine what the results would be if the separated bike lane(s) had been built with stakeholder support and based on what commuter cyclists wanted, in the location recommended by cyclists for the last four decades!

  4. The people proposing (and pushing) to spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars to build, maintain, moniter, repair, etc. BICYCLE lanes in Calgary, where we often have SEVEN months of SNOW, and minus forty temperatures, need to receive some serious therapy, and be replaced by people who have a tighter grip on reality.