Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chinook CTrain Station reopens on schedule

Chinook Station reopened September 3 after an 8 month refurbishment.
The Chinook CTrain Station reopened on schedule Tuesday, September 3 after closing in January for reconstruction. During the morning commute passengers getting on an off at the station were welcomed back by Calgary Transit staff with free coffee and other goodies from retailers at Chinook Centre.

The new station features a wider pedestrian walkway, an at-grade track crossing, three heated passenger shelters on the platform and a heated bus terminal passenger shelter.

“The removal of the 30-year-old station building will improve access to the station and will provide a more pedestrian friendly environment,” says Calgary Transit Director Doug Morgan.

“The heated shelters and station canopy are a great addition to the station as it will help protect our customers from the winter elements.  Sightlines have been improved for customer safety and we have enhanced our security camera coverage at this station.”

Over 12,000 customers use Chinook Station every week day, making it among the top 10 most heavily used CTrain Stations on the transit system.

The station reconstruction is part of a larger program to prepare all the stations for the future operation of four-car CTrains.

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