Monday, September 9, 2013

City announces participating sites for Doors Open YYC 2013

The City of Calgary is excited to announce 12 sites that will be participating in Doors Open YYC, 2013.

This free, three-day public event gives citizens exclusive, behind the scenes access to parts of the city that are often never seen. This year Calgarians of all ages will have access to 12 City sites in addition to a number of other facilities located throughout the city.

Events run from September 27-29. Some tours require pre-registration due to limited space and availability. Calgarians are encouraged to visit for full details.

Full list of City sites:
  1. Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility
  2. Glenmore Water Treatment Plant
  3. Ralph Klein park
  4. Shepard Landfill
  5. Reader Rock Gardens
  6. Colonel Walker House
  7. Union Cemetery
  8. Burnsland Cemetery
  9. St. Mary’s Cemetery
  10. Traffic Management Centre
  11. Calgary Fire Training Academy
  12. Calgary Municipal Complex


  1. Please note that in the video you referred to the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant as the Glenmore Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  2. This definitely is a great opportunity to get to know how some of our great city operates. On a side note seeing the children playing in Olympic Plaza was nice however when we returned to Calgary 2 years ago a constable came over and told me not so politely my child was not to play in the water. There were numerous other children who were yet he came to us and when I inquired about the policy which I did not see any signage he said it is in the entrances when we came in. He then wanted my information and this was a moment that I will not forget when checked the entrance we entered the sign was completely blocked by the sign. So has this policy changed? Would love to know as I would hope for the children of this City as it has and at the same time for tourists for the way I was spoken to would hope no one would be all considering the circumstance.