Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Building Resilience with Mike Holmes

Photo courtesy of The Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Award-winning Holmes on Homes® television host and contractor, Mike Holmes received a warm welcome from close to 1,000 Calgarians on October 1st at the TELUS Convention Center.

The City of Calgary, in partnership with The Insurance Bureau of Canada hosted Building Resilience with Mike Holmes – a free public event for residents looking to learn what steps to take to build a more resilient home, while saving money and reducing their environmental impact.

The City’s Manager of Sustainability, Carolyn Bowen, kicked off the evening with a welcome from the City; hosts Steve Kee and Bill Adams provided a welcome from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the sponsor for the event.  “While we don’t have all the solutions for climate change and severe weather, we have some ideas,” said Adams. “It’s time for a healthy dialogue about how we can make our homes and our communities stronger and more resilient.

”Mike’s ‘do-it-right’ attitude and expertise resonated with Calgarians as he made the connection between adapting homes for future natural disasters and applying a “green” lens when making restoration choices, in order to lower our environmental impact. ”We need to focus on making our homes safe, durable, efficient and strong,” stated Holmes. “A home shouldn’t just LOOK good, it should BE good.”

Holmes encouraged the audience to keep up with regular home maintenance to protect their home and ensure the health and safety of their family. “Products and building practices have come a long way,” stated Holmes. “We know how to make a home more fire-resistant, mould-resistant, energy efficient and watertight than we did ten years ago--even five years ago. It doesn’t need to cost more to build a better home.”

Holmes was named Forbes’ Third Most Trustworthy Celebrity in 2012 and was voted the second-most-trusted Canadian by Reader's Digest for two consecutive years. But according to the celebrity contractor, his biggest achievement has been educating the public about proper construction and protecting their home.

In a twist on the Calgary white hat tradition, Mike Holmes was presented with a City of Calgary white hard hat.

Exhibitors from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Calgary Real Estate Board, the Canadian Home Builders Association, Green Calgary, the University of Calgary, Enmax, the Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force, and the City of Calgary were also on hand to answer questions from the public.

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