Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrate International Artist Day

In honour of International Artist Day, we invite you to acknowledge and celebrate the artists who live and work in and around our great city. This world-wide celebration, which started in White Rock, BC, is a great time to let our most creative citizens know that their perspective, energy, enthusiasm and unique way of navigating the world has a valuable and unparalleled impact on our daily lives.

In partnership with The City, local artist Claudia Weigelsberger has designed an interactive social-media-based initiative that promotes civic dialogue, links to local arts organizations, and recognizes and celebrates Calgary artists.

“The citizens of Calgary have great love and admiration for their local artists. IADYYC (the new interactive website) is a chance to share that acknowledgement and pride in a public and fun way,” says Dawn Ford, Program Coordinator for The City. “We always appreciate the role of artists, but it’s like telling our mothers we love them. Sometimes we need a push or an occasion to say it. This is our occasion to say thank you to our local artists – we value all that they are.”

All Calgarians are encouraged to visit and connect to dedicated social media channels to share their thoughts, stories and images of how artists, just by being who they are, create a better world for all of us.

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