Monday, October 7, 2013

Centre City Wayfinding makes its mark winning local and international awards

The City of Calgary is turning heads with its streetscape improvements in the Centre City. One great example is The City of Calgary’s wayfinding program, an integrated signage system which helps people easily locate points of interest in the greater downtown area and enhances people's confidence to venture out and explore Calgary.

Today, the wayfinding program is being recognized for a downtown merit award in the category of public space at the World Congress & 59th Annual Conference of the International Downtown Association in New York City. The award recognizes capital improvements that enhance the urban design, physical function, or economic viability of a downtown and also the entire community.

This is the second award for the wayfinding program. Earlier this year, The City of Calgary was honoured with a Vitality Award from the Calgary Downtown Association. This award recognized the contribution that wayfinding makes in enhancing the vitality of Downtown Calgary, as a premiere place to work, live and play.

“Wayfinding is one of many programs that The City of Calgary is undertaking to build a more welcoming and vibrant Centre City. It’s very exciting to get recognition from our peers in both the Calgary business community and the international downtown community for the great work we do in improving our public spaces,” said Graham Gerylo, project manager, Centre City Planning & Implementation.

About Calgary’s Centre City:

Calgary’s City Centre is an important area. Home to over 6,000 businesses, 34,000 Calgarians, over 55 attractions and points and interest, and hundreds of events and festivals - it’s the economic, cultural and social hub of our city.

In 2007, Calgary’s City Council approved The Centre City Plan, a comprehensive and strategic long-term vision for the future of our Centre City. Since then, The City and its many partners have made a significant investment to implement the Plan and achieve its vision of a livable, thriving and caring core.
Calgary’s City Centre includes the Beltline, Chinatown, Downtown Core, Downtown West, East Village, Eau Claire and Stampede Park..

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  1. Wayfinding is critical application in the CPTED process. The human wayfinding process uses a simple form of geographical triangulation. What is curious is how humans process this information without really thinking about it. It has what allowed humans to survive and now that same instinct is used by tourism and and enhancing our awarness of the environment. I never fails to amaze me how simple ideas are awarded honors. I am truly proud of our leaders and professionals who get back to basics and simple strategies, in making a better, safer city center. Don't het me wrong, I don't think the planning and work was an easy task.Thank you and congratulations.
    Gerry Bailey.