Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're ready for winter

Summer’s come and gone, and here in Calgary, we all know what that means; cold weather is on its way. Every year The City of Calgary prepares for winter well in advance of when the snow flies. Our annual Snow & Ice Control program is a planned and measured response to snowfall that helps make roadways safe. We’ve prepared a short video where a few of our Snow and Ice Control experts share some information on what you can expect to see out there when it snows.

The priority route system
This season Calgarians can expect City crews to continue to clear our roads according to our Council-approved priority system. This means that the more traffic that is on a roadway, the higher the priority for snow clearing. An example of a Priority 1 route would be Macleod Trial, an example of a Priority 2 route would be the 8 Avenue N.E. on route and an example of a Priority 4 route would be Dalwood Way N.W. If you’re unfamiliar with our priority routes, visit or download the Road Conditions App to follow along as roadways are cleared.

New equipment
Calgarians can expect to see some new equipment out on the roads this year. We’ve upgraded just over half of our fleet to new GPS automated sanders and added two new types of plows to some of our trucks. This new equipment will allow our crews to more accurately spread material as well as plow in a more efficient manner.  

Snow Route parking bans
Snow Route parking bans aren’t everyone’s favourite program, but they’ve shown to make a difference when the snow piles up. As this has now become a permanent part of our winter programming, it’s important that you stay informed during a Parking Ban. Sign up for email alerts, follow us on twitter at @yyctransport or get push notifications through the Road Conditions App for real-time updates.


  1. I wonder, If anybody going to stop that gravel spreadyng on the roads? It is not a sanding, those stones are cause more troubles for people than use.
    NOTHING will help, but the good winter tires!
    And, using those rocks, City just transfer the problem from it's budget to average person's pocket (paint chips, glass, repair, etc.)
    All over the world, the main cities' winter roadservice, is the plowing in time. Period.

  2. My walk to work after I get off of my bus has been a nightmare in the 7 years I've been working at this location.
    Having to cross the intersection of 20 St. and 54 Ave. SW is terrifying in the winter - huge icy ruts, no sand or salt, EVER, which is odd because it's a bus route.
    I then walk down 19 St. SW - I have to cross over the entrances to alleys (never shovelled, never plowed), and cross several streets - 55 Ave and 56 Ave have NEVER been plowed, salted OR sanded. Even wearing grip enhancers like Yak Trax doesn't always help and I've lost track of how many times I've fallen in these intersections.
    I would suggest sending some of the roads crews to Northern Ontario for a course in how to plow properly. In my hometown, within 24 - 36 hours of a snowfall,every single road and sidewalk is plowed and sanded properly.
    The City's plowing methods are nothing to brag about. Didn't Mayor Nenshi promise that EVERY street would be plowed within a specific time period after a snowfall?? That's never happened.