Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artists of all ages flourish at City of Calgary Recreation arts programs

This winter, get creative with The City of Calgary Recreation! There are many great arts and culture programs to choose from in the new Recreation Winter Guide.

“Making art is a little better than playing video games because you get to meet new friends,” says seven-year-old Sam Norris, whose favourite art programs work with clay. The program Winter Village, for example, provides him the opportunity to create a winter village out of clay with his mom.

“On the last day, you get to take your art home and show your family,” adds Sam.  “We have a shelf at home with all the clay pieces we made.  There are about 20 pieces including a rocket.”

Recreation has been offering art experiences to Calgarians of all ages and abilities for more than 25 years. Whether you are a beginner, need extra support or want to develop your skills, you’ll find the creative opportunity you are looking for at one of The City’s two art centres – North Mount Pleasant or Wildflower.

Recreation Specialist, Laurie Hass Yearwood at North Mount Pleasant Art Centre says, “In a place like this, creating art becomes achievable because you have the support, all the materials are supplied for you and the studio is beautiful.  People come here and find a nice surprise.”

Throughout the year, approximately 52 programs are offered. A favourite for many are the holiday programs that start December 3 and run to mid-December.

“I love holiday programs for a variety of reasons. They are very family focused. And one of the nice things is that they are short and a lot of fun,” continues Yearwood.

Classes are small and designed to promote self-expression in a fun, non-competitive way. All instructors are experienced, practicing artists with formal training and offer a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of disciplines.

“Art allows us to express our ideas and be creative. It provides an opportunity to see the world from a different angle,” say Yearwood.

Registration for Recreation’s winter programs has already started. There are more than 3,000 registered programs and 6,500 drop-in opportunities to choose from this season. There is a program to match everyone’s interests.

Stimulate your imagination, meet new friends and have fun this winter. There’s more than you think with The City of Calgary Recreation.

Register online at or by calling 403-268-3800.

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