Thursday, November 14, 2013

The 2013 Mayor’s Urban Design Award Winners

The best submissions in ten categories were selected at the 2013 Mayor’s Urban Design Awards last week. The awards highlight the work of designers, architects and artists who produce high quality buildings and public spaces. Check out the awards page for 2013 for all the details.

Each winner and honourable mention was selected by a renowned group of jurors including: Stephen Teeple, founding principal of Teeple Architects in Toronto, Trevor Boddy, Vancouver- based critic of contemporary architecture and a consulting urban designer, Dr. Peter Sargious, Chronic Disease Management, Alberta Health Services, Mark Lindquist, Landscape Architect and Assistant Professor, Faculty of
Environmental Design at the University of Calgary and Alexandra Haeseker, an internationally practicing visual artist based in Calgary.

The Mayor’s Urban Design Awards are a partnered program with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).  Some winners selected at MUDA 2013 will compete in the National Urban Design Awards early in 2014.  The three exceptions are the Mawson Award, City Edge Development and The Great City, Great Design award as these are award categories that have been adopted at the local level only.

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  1. Design architect Sturgess won for Bridgeland Riverside Community Association, and this isnt his first award for this building, for a building that is a boat anchor for the residents of the community. The buiding has cost untold hundreds of thousands of dollars more than projected and keeps costing the community with mold issues, lighting and heat issues, poor drainage, and the list continues to grow. I am not sure who picks the "winners" for these things but they obviously pick form over FUNCTION.