Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Design consultant chosen for Elbow River pedestrian bridges

The City of Calgary has hired Delcan, an international engineering firm with a Calgary office, to create a design for the Elbow River pedestrian bridges. Three pedestrian bridges along the Elbow River were damaged beyond repair during the June 2013 flood. The company responded to a Request for Proposal for bridge design that was sent to a group of pre-qualified bridge engineering consultants.

The City of Calgary chose this company based on their excellent proposal and their extensive experience building bridges and other structures in Canada and all over the world. They have demonstrated their knowledge of design, construction and the fabrication process through these projects and their other work. We have full confidence they will produce the best bridge design to meet all of our criteria,” says Charmaine Buhler, project manager, Transportation Infrastructure (TI).

Delcan has worked for The City on the Arbourstone Rise/Stoney Trail pedestrian overpass completed in 2010, and the Heritage LRT pedestrian overpass, which is currently underway. The company will develop two to three concept designs for the pedestrian bridges. The project team will evaluate the concepts and select one that best meets the stated criteria.

“The selected general concept will be used for all three bridge locations. This will allow the project to be completed in a shorter time frame and will save money on design, fabrication and construction costs,” says Buhler.

In early 2014, the public will be able to view the chosen concept. The City will hire a construction contractor in early 2014 with the intention to start construction in spring  2014. However, the construction timelines will be determined by the construction contractor. They must take into account the design, fabrication and constrained site conditions and environmental permitting regulations.

The City, and consultants hired by The City, have already completed a significant amount of technical work in preparation for building the bridges.

Ongoing project updates are available on the project web page at

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