Friday, December 13, 2013

Husky Heroes

No one ever wants to dial 9-1-1 but it’s nice to know it’s there for you when you or someone close to you needs it most. That’s what a group of 14 Calgary youth learned over the past year.

The group was recognized earlier today as “Husky Heroes” by The City of Calgary Public Safety Communications (9-1-1) and its partners the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Foundation, and Husky Energy. Ranging in age from five to 12, each child appropriately contacted 9-1-1 and provided assistance to first responders in an emergency situation.

Each Husky Hero was nominated by the Emergency Communications Officer who took their respective 9-1-1 call and recognized it as providing significant assistance to emergency responders and those needing help.

“Calling 9-1-1 can be scary,” said Public Safety Communications Deputy Commander Kay Choi. “We’re very proud of these youngsters – their actions were very brave. They helped someone who was very likely experiencing one of the worst days of his or her life.”

Such was the case for Jeremy Poulson. Last January he suffered a medical emergency while at home with his seven-year-old son Evan. Realizing his diabetic dad may be having an episode of low blood sugar, Evan quickly jumped into action. While on the line with 9-1-1, Evan stayed by his dad’s side as he provided important information to Emergency Communications Officer Jennifer Morgans. When the paramedics arrived, Evan allowed them into their building and took the initiative to collect and relay his dad’s important healthcare information. While paramedics administered an IV, Evan helped by holding the IV bag.

Kid hero Evan Poulson receiving recognition.
“I think it’s amazing what he did,” said a proud and grateful dad, Jeremy. “He took control of the situation. He felt a little scared, but still did what he was taught to do!”

The Husky Heroes program was developed by, and is run in partnership with The City of Calgary Public Safety Communications (9-1-1), Husky Energy, and the EMS Foundation to help educate the public on the appropriate use  of 9-1-1 and to recognize youth for their help in an emergency situation. Over the past five years, nearly 40 youth have been honoured as a Husky Hero.

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