Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Continues to challenge City Roads forces and Calgarians

Thank you for your patience, as City and contracted crews continue to fight the snow.

We have had an unusually snow filled winter. Calgary has received over 34 centimetres of snow, more than any monthly total our City’s received in the last two years. Today we’re expecting to add 5 centimetres. Calgary hasn’t seen this much snow in 112 years.

Despite heavy accumulations of snow and consistent frigid temperatures City Roads and contracted crews have been working around the clock to keep our streets clear of snow and ice to the best of their ability.

“We distributed 45,000 tons of sand last week which represents 50 per cent of what we used all of last winter,” said Ryan Jestin

Our crews have not only maintained the roadways they have also removed a lot of snow. “Since December 3, crews have removed 3,627 truckloads of snow from city streets. That’s 39,897 tons of snow or the equivalent in weight to almost 20,000 compact cars,” Jestin continued.

The City’s Council-approved 7 Day Snow and Ice plan works well in ‘typical’ snow events. However, the most recent snow activity has been anything but typical. As the snow stopped and started continuously our crews had to reset their plans accordingly. This ensures major roadways are maintained for safe driving conditions, but also prevents crews from getting to residential roadways.

As the snow falls our crews continue to maintain Priority 1 routes and will continue to utilize the help of contracted crews to work on residential streets throughout the city. In the northeast, every roadway will be passable by the afternoon of Friday, December 20. In the northwest, residential roadways are being maintained to a passable level. In the southwest, crews are flat blading residential streets, this helps to reduce rutting. In the southeast, crews are addressing rutting and snow accumulation in residential areas.

As public safety is the top priority, Roads has confirmed with Emergency Services that all 40 stations city wide are able to get to residents.

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  1. Poor effort on cleaning the roads!