Friday, December 27, 2013

This winter, triumph in the water

Elizabeth Spencer (left) and Jeanna Minkley (right).

Rocking music, a sociable environment and a fun, full-body work-out, makes The City of Calgary Recreation’s aquasize program an appealing option for anyone.

Jeanna Minkley, can speak to its success. Last year, Jeanna set out on a journey to take control of her weight and get active. Due to an injury, she was unable to participate in high impact fitness so she joined aquasize – a water workout that focuses on healthy range of motion, cardiovascular activities and core training. 

“It transformed my health and fitness,” says Jeanna. “One year later, I’m 65 pounds lighter and have regained control of my body. I am able to push myself further than I ever imagined.” 

Aquasize works with the natural buoyancy of water to assist with injury recovery, improve balance and posture, increase water confidence, and build coordination. This low impact fitness activity works every muscle group.  As a result, it’s an ideal way to exercise no matter your fitness level, age or size. 

Jenna was enrolled in a Plus Size Aquasize class led by fitness instructor, Elizabeth Spencer, who has been instructing for 21 years. “Some of my participants cannot do land fitness without experiencing a lot of pain but they can work out in water,” says Elizabeth. “There are many ways to modify or increase the intensity in a water work-out, but you do not have the muscle soreness afterwards.”

The water also provides natural resistance which helps to tone and build muscle, making the pool a great place to increase your fitness level. 

All Calgarians have the right to live an active, creative and healthy lifestyle. Making recreation a part of everyday life has physical, social and emotional benefits, including boosting energy, sleeping better and improving your mood.

“Like a lot of fitness programs, it’s a challenge for people to stick to the program. Stories like Jeanna’s are inspirational,” continues Elizabeth. “Sharing her accomplishment, helps keep folks motivated.”

Recreation offers a variety of aquasize classes for different fitness levels including gentle deep water classes, yoga, bootcamps, high energy athletic training (H.E.A.T), and tethered deep water workouts. Whatever your fitness level, there’s a program for you. 


  1. Where/when is this Plus Size Aquasize held?

  2. Pls. visit our Rec Guide for the Plus Size Water Fitness class schedule here:

  3. I couldn't find the class by copying the link into Google. The Recreation Program Guide came up, but couldn't find the course listed in the alphabetical listings. Although the picture of the pool looks like Southland Leisure Centre.

  4. I would like to know if Renfrew Pool will be getting a Plus Size Aquasize class. I believe it would be a huge hit especially if it was held after work.
    Please let me know or who I can inquire with.