Friday, January 24, 2014

Crews continue to fight snow on residential roadways

City of Calgary Roads crews are continuing to work diligently on the four week residential Snow Action Plan. As part of the Snow Action Plan crews are assessing every residential roadway in Calgary to determine what action should be taken. One of four courses of action will be taken:

Example of a passable roadway
  • Crews may not take action. In areas where roads have hard-packed snow and/or have been deemed passable, no action will be taken. 
  • Flat blading. Crews will essentially push down ruts or high spots.
  • Snow clearing. Snow will be pushed to the side, and left as a “windrow”, followed by either salt of gravel.
  • Snow removal. In severe cases, snow will be hauled away.

The City’s Snow and Ice Control Policy  defines a passable road as “a road with a total accumulation of less than 12 centimetres, or ruts that do not exceed 12 centimetres in depth.” As part of the exceptional efforts made in the last three weeks of the Snow Action plan, crews have been assessing roads for an accumulation of 7 centimetres with ruts of the same depth to help with the significant accumulations of snow we saw in the early months of winter.

Due to recent warmer temperatures over the last few weeks some communities may need to be re-addressed by Roads crews as road conditions have changed due to weather. Roads will continue to address individual communities affected by these weather conditions until all residential roadways in Calgary are passable.
Example of a passable roadway

City of Calgary Roads is mandated to provide “reasonable winter driving conditions for vehicles and cycles that are properly equipped for winter driving and are operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits.”

We recognize that frustrations are running high. All quadrants of Calgary have been impacted by the snow this winter season. We’re all in this together, and The City is doing its best to return Calgary’s roads back to typical winter driving conditions.
Example of a passable roadway

The City would like to thank Calgarians for their continued understanding and patience this winter.


  1. I sent in a request to have our street cleared and the reply was that we are responsible for clearing the area after the windrow has been created. Problem is they didn't bother to check our area at all because there is no windrow. Why? because they haven't plowed our area at all. I think that my neighbours and I should send the city a bill for our shocks and struts which I am fairly confident will need replacing after driving through holes and ruts that could have been evened out with one pass of a grader. What irks me the most is the way my request was answered without any consideration or investigation of the problem.
    I comment as anonymous because I'm not sure what info the other selections provide. Want to see what I'm talking about take a drive around Cedarbrae.