Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keeping fire hydrants clear of snow is an important winter safety practice

When every second counts, having clear access to fire hydrants is essential for Calgary firefighters as they respond to a fire.

With the heavy snow fall we’ve received so far this winter, The Calgary Fire Department and Roads crews are working together to keep hydrants clear of snow. To help with this, residents are being encouraged to do the same. 

“Most people know not to park in front of fire hydrants, but may not realize that the ground around them needs to be kept clear as well,” said Carol Henke, Public Information Officer, Calgary Fire Department. “Snow can also be considered an obstruction and we would like citizens to be mindful not to pile snow around hydrants when clearing their sidewalks and driveways.”

During the winter, Calgary Fire crews will be out clearing hydrants on their properties and any others in their communities that are deemed critical. Calgary Roads crews have also been keeping an eye out for snow encased hydrants and addressing them as they work their way through residential streets.

”There are close to 20,000 fire hydrants in Calgary, and if residents have a hydrant on or adjacent to their property, or should happen upon a hydrant covered in snow, please feel free to clear it and help keep your community safe,” adds Henke.

The Calgary Fire Department recommends keeping at least two metres clearance on each side as well as in front of the hydrant and one metre clearance to the back of the hydrant.


  1. The Fire Hydrants are part of the city and is the responsibility of the city to clear it. This again proves the lack of Care in Calgary...we pay taxes for snow plowing which doesn't happen..and now the city want us to clear hydrants..really!!!TIME FOR CHANGES CALGARY..

  2. Your crew buried the hydrant on my lot under a four foot snowbank? No, they are not working to keep them clear at all!!!!

  3. Your crew buried the hydrant on my property under a 4 foot high bank of snow!!! So no, they are not working to keep them clear at all.