Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The City is working together to balance the needs of citizens

Snow Action continues throughout the city keeping city and contracted crews busy maintaining all roadways. As the warm weather continues to create challenges throughout the city, the Roads team is working closely with other City departments to accommodate citizen’s needs.

While we encourage Calgarians to contact us with information about City services, call volumes remain high with calls into the 311 Call Centre. To avoid extended waits or delays, citizens are reminded that Service Requests are able to be filed via the 311 Calgary App, or online at

Citizen Safety
With the heavy snow fall we've received so far this winter, The Calgary Fire Department and Roads crews are working together to keep hydrants clear of snow. To help with this, residents are being encouraged to do the same, please read The Calgary City News Blog for more information.

Waste & Recycling
If your garbage and recycling is not collected as expected today (Wednesday, January 15), please leave your carts out. Waste & Recycling will do their best to reach everyone by tomorrow and will continue to monitor conditions providing an update if delays to the Thursday or Friday schedule are expected.

Chinook Conditions
Calgarians are reminded that slushy road conditions require the same attention as winter driving. Make sure you stock up on windshield wiper fluid, and remember to drive slowly in areas that are experiencing heavy melting. Water tends to pool and accumulate next to curbs and it is important to slow down when driving through these areas– particularly when pedestrians and cyclists are  present.

Curb and Gutter
Be a good neighbour and clear your curbs and gutters if you notice they’re starting to get backlogged this minimizes pooling and prevents ice from forming. Calgarians can also contact  311 to report manholes and catch-basins filling up, and Water Services will be happy to come and address the issue.

Back Alleys
Both contracted and City crews will continue focusing on residential roadways, addressing communities across Calgary that are considered high priority. At this time, The City does not plow alleyways.

School Zones
Crews assigned to residential snow and ice control, are also addressing snow piled along roads adjacent to schools. For snow and ice control concerns related to a school’s property and not City roadways, please contact the school board for that particular school (Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District or private schools).

Snow Storage Sites
The City has three snow storage sites that are used for snow removal operations. Due to limited capacity an on-going repair work, in 2011 Council directed that The City’s snow storage sites are no longer accessible to the public/private contractors. These sites are managed by The City to ensure that snow removed from roadways is stored in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Although there has been a significant amount of snow this winter, so far these sites have not yet reached capacity. The City will continue to investigate alternative sites, should there be a need to do so. Calgarians looking for alternative snow storage sites can contact private contractors.


  1. I've been trying to use 311 online and the link and can't get anywhere! We badly need even a centre lane plowthrough on Rocky Ridge Circle NW People are getting stuck[cars, pickups] Garbage and fire truck have made huge deep ruts 403-208-8460 @lechefwayne on Twitter

  2. Came home from work to find our street in Woodbine cleared of snow - - they did a great job - Thank you!

  3. " clear your curbs and gutters" this a joke??? Most of us haven't seen our curbs or our gutters for months.

  4. This morning a grader and truck finally showed up in Woodbine. They parked in the middle of the intersection for a bit, then drove off without doing anything. Ten minutes later another car got stuck in the intersection! WTH?!?