Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bowness Park to completely reopen by end of year

With work well underway, The City of Calgary is anticipating a full reopening of Bowness Park by the end of 2014.

Top: Tea house. Left to right: Pathway work, completed work and picnic site.
The City had anticipated partially reopening the park this summer, but due to the extent of flood damage in the park, a labour shortage and an unusually harsh and long winter, redevelopment has been delayed.

“The park really took a hit last year during the flood,” says Doug Marter, Parks Manager. “It’s been a challenge for us to get the park’s redevelopment back on track after the flood.”

At the time of the flood , about 40-50 per cent of the redevelopment had been done. The flood washed up to five feet of water into the park, scouring out the majority of the pathway system and leaving debris piles more than 2.5 metres tall. In total, the flood caused approximately $3.2 million in damages to the park (more photos).

Redevelopment work helped reduce damage

“The damage could’ve been even worse,” says Marter. “Some of the redevelopment that was completed, such as the berms along the shoreline, helped reduce bank erosion and prevent ripping of the shore.”

Power, gas and potable water have just begun to be restored and without these utilities, the Parks department hasn’t been able to provide washrooms.

Plan to celebrate new features

Once reopened, Calgarians will be able to enjoy a new centralized parking area, renovated picnic sites, a brand new concession facility and gathering space, and better lagoon access for skating and boating. The park’s historic and well-loved mini train will also be back.

To celebrate, The City and the Bowness Community Association are planning a skating party at the park. More details will be available as the weather cools and becomes conducive to skating.

More information about the park’s redevelopment.


  1. So sad the mini golf doesn't seem to be included in the plan!

  2. Yay for the train! Have loved it since it was in the Zoo.