Monday, June 23, 2014

Couple who met on bus take Calgary Transit to wedding

Calgary Transit offered a lift to one local couple with a special transit connection.

Nearly nine years ago, John Ross and Heather Cormack met on Route 21 out of Castleridge. After three months of exchanging smiles, Cormack finally sat down next to Ross.

“One day, the bus was really packed and he was the lone sitter on a double seat and he scooched over to make room for me and so I got up the courage and went and sat down next to him,” said Cormack.

From there, the couple would spend the 20-minute morning commute getting to know one another and Ross would even bring an extra cup of coffee for Cormack. They shared their first kiss at the Whitehorn CTrain Station where they would part ways in the morning and would continue that tradition for several years.

“Here we are two kids and a wedding to happen here right away and, yeah, I couldn’t be more happy,” said Cormack shortly before the couple’s June 21 wedding.

On their wedding day, Calgary Transit picked the couple and their bridal party in a fully decorated bus and took them to their ceremony.

“Calgary Transit to us is a huge part of what brought us together as a couple, as a family and where we are today so I thank them very, very much,” said Ross.

“If I could do it all over again, I surely would because it’s just been such a great part of my life ... and I’m really happy to include them (Calgary Transit) in today.”


  1. Such a happy story!! :)

  2. This is so beautiful

  3. What a great story, congrats to the happy couple! And a nice touch from Calgary Transit, things like this really contribute to making Calgary a great city!