Monday, July 28, 2014

Is your business prepared?

The 2013 flood was a call to action for both the business sector and The City of Calgary. Although insurance and provincial recovery funds provided some relief to business owners as they recovered, the flood highlighted the need and value of disaster preparedness planning for Calgary businesses.

Last week, The City of Calgary’s Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), in partnership with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Economic Development, released a Business Continuity Handbook to explain the importance of emergency preparedness for the business community.

“The business sector is an important member of the Calgary community,” said Deputy Chief Tom Sampson. “Empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to prepare, respond, and recover will positively contribute to the overall resiliency of our community.”

Along with the handbook, a template and Business Continuity Reference Guide will provide business owners with tools to develop business continuity strategies and plans. These materials can be customized by the business to meet their specific needs.

While the 2013 flood had a significant economic, physical, and social impact on Calgary, CEMA believes that this exciting new partnership with the business community is a significant step-forward in strengthening the resiliency of our community to future events.

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