Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taxi survey results encouraging but improvements still needed

While The City looks to make taxi service improvements for peak times like Stampede, recent survey results show citizens are satisfied with how the industry is running.

The survey, conducted between April 24 and May 11 by Leger, found 86 per cent of Calgarians are satisfied with taxi service in the city.

“We know some people — especially those who waited for hours during Stampede and still could not get a taxi —are going to question the results,” says Marc Halat, manager of Compliance Services with Animal & Bylaw Services.

“But what we are seeing is that, most of the time, it is actually very easy to get a taxi in Calgary and it is an enjoyable experience.” 

Based on the survey, only about 60 per cent of citizens took a taxi in the past year, while 13 per cent used a luxury sedan or limo. Of those who did jump in a cab, 93 per cent say they were satisfied with the driver.

Learning from Stampede

The Leger survey results are being presented to the Taxi Limousine Advisory Committee (TLAC) on Friday, July 18 along with a summary of lessons learned from this year’s Stampede.

Halat says The City is already looking at ways to improve taxi service during next year’s Stampede, such as adding more taxi stands in better locations near the grounds and Fort Calgary.

Most complaints go direct to taxi companies

Another finding is the majority of taxi and limousine complaints were registered directly with the company. Only eight per cent of complaints were filed through 311 and The City.

“We want to encourage people to let The City know when they have issues,” says Halat. “By letting The City know, you will be providing us with the information we need to improve the service.”  

Calgarians can pass along all compliments and complaints to 311, either by calling, going online or using the app, in addition to letting the taxi company know directly.

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Submitted by Tara Norton-Merrin, Animal & Bylaw Services

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  1. “But what we are seeing is that, most of the time, it is actually very easy to get a taxi in Calgary and it is an enjoyable experience.”

    I don't even know how to begin to address this. Every friday or saturday night, lines will be completely busy.