Friday, August 1, 2014

Calgary Transit begins testing real-time system

Calgary Transit is excited about its upcoming real-time bus information system. Starting Monday, Aug. 4, Calgary Transit will begin testing the first part of the system. Buses will be equipped to make onboard audio/visual announcements advising customers of upcoming stops along their bus route.
Calgary Transit Operator, Richard Gallant, checks out new onboard real-time display

Earlier this summer, Calgary Transit successfully tested this component with out-of-service buses. Now they are ready to see how the system performs on their entire fleet while in service.

Minor tweaks to the system may be needed as the system is tested but Calgary Transit does not anticipate major issues. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback about the system by tweeting @calgarytransit, calling 262-1000 or speaking with their bus driver.

What will the real-time bus information system do?
When fully implemented, the real-time bus information system will not only provide stop announcements on buses but also real-time bus arrival times.  Currently only scheduled bus times are available to customers. The real-time bus arrival information will eventually be available through a new responsive website, teletext and teleride.

The real-time arrival information component of the system will be tested this fall and the full system is expected to launch later this year.


  1. SO EXCITING if this works smoothly!!

  2. This is a great venture!

  3. will there be an iPhone/ipod app for this, this would be more convenient then just having it on the website,teletex or teleride