Sunday, September 14, 2014

Citizens in Action – Calgary cleanup & safety after the storm

Many Calgarians picked up, pitched in and pulled together to help their friends and neighbours clean up tree debris this weekend.

As of noon Sunday, The City’s 33 Leaf & Pumpkin community drop-offs and our three landfills received five million kilograms of tree debris combined.

“It’s great to see Calgarians taking advantage our extended landfill hours and the early opening of the community depots,” said Dave Griffiths, The City’s Director of Waste & Recycling Services.

“All throughout Calgary our crews have witnessed citizens helping out. Whether it’s lending a truck, or trimmers or saws, every bit helps.”

Parks Operations Manager, Todd Reichardt echoed Griffiths’ comments “Clean up going to take some time and we thank Calgarians for their patience. On average, The City prunes 30,000 trees a year. We have more than 500,000 public trees in Calgary, and they all require assessment.”

Parks crews continue to remove hazards and debris to ensure public safety and accessibility, and all regional parks and pathways remain closed until further notice.

The City has also temporarily expanded the City Links program to assist with clean up efforts for seniors and those who are physically unable to deal with extensive tree damage on their properties. Contact 311 and ask for the "Seniors Home Maintenance" or fill out an online service request.

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