Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Contact information for snowfall-related emergencies

Due to the recent snowfall and its impact on trees that have not yet shed their leaves, City personnel at our 311 and 911 call centres are responding to high call volumes to support Calgarians. Please see the information below to help identify who to contact in various situations.

CALL 911 to report life threatening emergencies including:
- Power lines that are sparking or on the ground

CONTACT 311 to report fallen tree limbs including:
- Trees leaning on power lines
- Tree emergencies, including limbs that have fallen on roadways, houses and vehicles
- Every fallen tree limb that is reported will be recorded in our database and placed on a map to determine priorities
- Download the 311 mobile app for iPhone and Android or use the online form to report your concern without any wait time

ENMAX is aware of power outages across the city
- Stay informed on power outage status at or receive updates on the ENMAX Power Trouble line at 403-514-6100
- If a tree touches a power line from a power pole to your house, or to report your damaged power line, call 403-258-8232
- If your power is out and you need to report a 911 emergency
          1. Use a landline plugged into a phone jack
          2. Use a cell phone.
          3. If your cell-phone does not have battery charge, go to a trusted neighbour’s house, nearest emergency station (Police/Fire), or commercial establishment.

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